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This rich cream combines Omgrown Wildcrafted Violets with Organic Shea Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter and Zinc to help keep skin nourished, protected, healthy and younger looking! Lightly scented with essential oils of: tea tree, ylang ylang & lavender.


omgrown wildcrafted violet leaf & poplar infused *olive oil, fair trade *shea butter, *cocoa butter, rose flower water, *aloe, omgrown wildcrafted violet infused glycerin, zinc oxide, witch hazel, eco-cert emulsifying wax, rosemary leaf extract, acacia gum, essential oils of: tea tree, ylang ylang & lavender, eco-cert preservative.


Customer Reviews

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Angela Dejong
Lovely Product!

I purchased the moisturizing cream for a friend of mine that is going through chemotherapy. She was suffering with terribly dry, itchy skin, and patchy rashes. The Om Naturale’s Moisturizing Cream has been so helpful for her! It is gentle enough to not cause any irritation, and very nourishing for her skin. She has been very sensitive to perfumes and other scents…but this cream is light in texture and smell. I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for a light, moisturizing cream for sensitive skin.

Night Routine

I have a jar of each, OM Moisturizing Cream and the Light version; night and day, respectively. I’d consider myself in dire straits without them!! Thank you, Team of OM!

6 stars!

I discovered the OM products by taking a soap making workshop at the studio.. and while there looked at the various products. Since then I have become a huge fan and use the face creams everyday... they are invaluable in the summer as the air becomesdry and warm.... The light cream and the regular... my husband is a guitar player and handyman.. so this cream is wonderful for his hands.. all the products are amazing.

Irene Palmer
Quite a good face cream

I found this cream a bit heavy. Hard to smooth out. Perhaps the light version of this would be better.

Hi Irene, Thank you so much for your review.
The Moisturizing Cream is our thicker, richer face cream while the Hydrating Light Lotion is a lighter option. If you have found the Moisture Cream too heavy I would suggest the Hydrating Light Lotion for sure.

Nourishing and Healing

I love this face cream! It feels thick, but surprisingly this cream goes on light without feeling thick or heavy. It has been a great help to keeping my skin moisturized in the dry winter weather.
This face cream also has helped prevent and heal breakouts. Whenever I feel a painful cystic pimple coming up, I slather it at night and in the morning it usually is greatly reduced or completely gone! My skin has never been better!

Smells great too!