Our Philosophy

2024 Canadian Choice Award Winner 
in the category of Wellness Products for Armstrong, BC
We're Terryn and Graeme Corbett, owners of Om Naturale,
along with our sons Narayan and Bodhi, we get to spend our days on
our Solar Powered Omstead Farm in beautiful Armstrong, BC.
We plant, grow, harvest, dry, infuse, process and create.
We prefer to spend more time outside than in
and certainly aren't afraid to get our hands dirty.
We adhere to organic and regenerative agriculture practices.
We wildharvest and grow ingredients right on here on our farm.
When we aren't farming, we.... just kidding, we're always farming! 
Thankfully, we can always rely on a little help from our friends; big and small, two legged and four.
At Om Naturale we strongly believe there is NOTHING GREEN ABOUT PLASTIC.
We package in Home Compostable paper and/or Reusable glass or tin.
We care deeply about utilizing ethically sourced, NATURAL ingredients.
We are always looking for new ways to give back and to
support our community here at home and worldwide. 
We support local and global initiatives related to
Water, Trees, Women & Children in Need.
We donate to local charities, sporting events, schools and programs.