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Borax, Washing Soda and the Om Naturale Laundry Bar work together to clean your clothes. 1.5 tbsp is all you need per load! This product can also be used as dishwashing soap!

*Please note: Due to the Increase in Shipping Costs Nationwide we have increased the price of Laundry Soap to offset some of the cost related to shipping such a heavy product* The price of Laundry Soap is less when purchased In-store.


Washing Soda, Borax, Citric Acid, Saponified Organic oils of; Olive, Coconut & Sunflower, Essential oils of: Tea tree, Lemon, Lime, Orange & Grapefruit

Customer Reviews

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Well Seasoned Launderess!

My husband is a tradesman. That and raising 4, I have used the gambit of laundry cleaning products. Om Naturale’s Laundry Soap has superseded its predecessors regarding my laundry needs and now keeps pride of place. It’s septic field friendly and HE certified, of course, and it performs. I rarely visit the grocers’ laundry isle anymore. Thank you, Team Om, for researching, developing and making available such a smart product!

Shanta McBain
The only laundry soap I use now!

This soap works! I love supporting my local community. Getting clean close in the process. I like to believe that the environmental impact is as low as I can get at the same time. Another product in may gathering kit.

Very efficient

I ordered on line , as I leave in Vancouver. I’ve got 3 packs of this laundry powder few months ago and I still have more than half of it. Lasts long time, you only need very little for a load. Love the compact packing and the efficiency of the product. I’m a fan!

Simple but effective

I highly recommend this laundry soap for anyone but particularly those sensitive to scents and chemicals. I’ve been using it for years and I love that it leaves my clothes clean without a strong scent or a negative impact on the earth. Equally appreciate Om Natural’s compostable packaging and the ability to refill at their tiny store.