Finally, a Natural Deodorant that works!

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Finally, a Natural Deodorant that works!

Finally, a Natural Deodorant that Works!

It’s right up there with unicorns, the Sasquatch and honest politicians. Many people have tried in vain to find a natural deodorant that works, but have been left with a product that fails to live up to expectations… until now.

We’re normally fairly understated here at the Om Naturale Herbal Care Co., but we’re confident that our natural deodorant will deliver as promised. We know this because we use it ourselves every day. We’re busy people and we’re not afraid to work up a sweat.

In addition to running this business, we operate a small hobby farm and are involved in other activities ranging from hockey to triathlon to beekeeping. If you’ve ever stood out in the Okanagan sun wearing a bee suit while you dutifully inspect your hives, you know a thing or two about perspiration.

Like you, we don’t like to walk around exuding body odour. Nor do we want to overwhelm people in our immediate vicinity by dousing ourselves with fragrance. We like to think we’ve come up with a natural deodorant that works because it strikes a happy medium. Here’s why it works…

Suppresses Body Odour

One of the key ingredients of our natural deodorant grows up in the hills of the Okanagan Valley and right here on our farm: sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata). Okanagan sage tincture provides both antifungal and antibacterial properties, which help eliminate the causes of body odour. It lets you sweat and then helps to dry it up.

Additionally, our deodorant comes in 3 subtle scents derived from essential oils:

Lavender, Sport Mint (Peppermint & Tea Tree) & Baking Soda Free

Moisturizes Your Skin

We’ve incorporated coconut oil and aloe in our recipe. This has several benefits:
  • Nourishes skin and prevents dryness

  • Improves the consistency of the deodorant

  • Makes it easier to apply

 Won’t Stain Your Clothes

In order to create a natural deodorant that works, we realized it couldn’t leave any unsightly stains or chalky residue on your clothes. Otherwise, you’d simply be trading one problem for another.

Simple Packaging

One of our guiding principles at Om Naturale is our commitment to utilizing sustainable packaging. That means glass and metal in place of plastic. By default, we cannot fathom the idea of using a stick applicator made of plastic.

Instead, we conveniently package our natural paste deodorant in small glass jars. You don’t need much, so a little goes a long way.

If you’ve been looking for a natural deodorant that works, check out Om Naturale’s natural paste deodorant. We handcraft in small batches using simple ingredients.

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