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Dendro recently had surgery between two digits … the clinic used chlorhexidine solution (Hibitane) to clean the area. One only needs to glance at the material data sheet to see how toxic it is. Sadly, it's so commonly used. 
Dendro's front right paw pads were so dry from the Hibitane … da da da daaaaaaa applied whipped butter and protected her paw with some vet wrap = Happy Dendro
Viva Om Naturale !

Stain Stick1.jpg

Lisa S.

That Laundry Stain Stick is Amazing!

I had stains in two hoodies that had been washed, dried and set. 

I really thought it would be impossible to get the stains out. 

I just used the stain stick,

and it worked! 

Both stains are gone! 

Thank you for the wonderful products!

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I love everything from Om!

I have to stockpile all of my favorites when I visit the Okanagan and try out whatever new product Terryn has developed since my last visit. 

Deodorant Lavender New1.jpeg


Om's products are amazing. My store bought deodorant would wear off by noon, but the Om Deodorant is good for the whole day! People don't avoid me! Her throat spray definitely makes a scratchy, nasty throat feel waaay better, and her whipped cream makes even my alligator skin look half decent. I use her hand and body lotion as well and it just smells so darn good, just like her soaps do! I love the fact that everything is home grown and made by her, and with her vast knowledge of herbology, she knows exactly what plant products to combine in order to achieve successful remedies for what ails us!

Shampoo Bar1.jpeg


I just washed my hair with your shampoo bar. My hair feels and looks really good, and my wife says it smells good (I can't smell). Thanks for your goodness.

U Name It1.jpg


My son was born with sensitive skin and all of the diaper creams we used ended up in him having a rash. I tried Om Naturale's u name it cream and the rash disappeared. Love the product!

It is so versatile and gentle on

the skin.



I have been using Tea Tree Om Naturale Deodorant for

over 5 years!

The natural part makes sense

to me and its effectiveness

and comfort is a daily pleasure! Terryn has gone above and beyond to meet my needs as a far away customer! And now my friends know!!!

Body Care Collection1.jpg

Lisa C.

 I have highly sensitive skin, as well as a skin dermatitis on my face that results in red, flaky itchy patches.  I had very specific products that I could use, as I have a reaction to many products on the market.  I became concerned with what was in the products I was using, and decided to try Om Naturale.  I started with Whipped Cream, and I now also use the Moisturizing Cream, Hand and Body Lotion, U Name It Cream, Lickity Lip Balm, Super Salve, and soap. Every product is of the highest quality, and I know that they are made from all natural ingredients. 

Thank you, Om Naturale!

Moisture Cream1.jpeg


I have been using Om Naturale's Okanagan Violet Cream for a few years now, and my skin has never felt better. I suffer from eczema, particularly on my face, and since using Om Naturale, my eczema has been almost non-existent. It has made such a difference for me. I wear less makeup and feel more confident about my appearance. I always bring a few jars back to my friends in family in Ontario when I go visit and they love it too!

Whipped Cream2.jpeg


I love OM whipped cream!

I use it as a body lotion every morning when I get out of the shower!

It works especially well on dry cracked heels!

Once Bitten Salve2.jpeg


Once bitten takes the itch and swelling right out of spiders bites.



Kara essentially has an equine version of hot spots. After a good clean added your U Name it cream :). It helped her heaps about a month ago as well. It’s looking way less blistery, red, oozy and wheepy.  In addition, the areas are not as warm. In combination with other treatments, I added straight out of the jar U Name It to soothe the affected areas.